Map of Center

Industrial Center Map

There are two access points to the park directly from the Budovatelska street. Main gate-house is the entrance to premises F and it's dedicated for foot access and cars under 3.4m height. For cars over 3.4m and trucks there is an entrance on the south end of the park through premises Q.  

Description of the premises (see diagram):


  • Premises A

Two-storey building with area 5600m2. There are mostly offices located on the second floor of the building. There is space for light manufacturing and storage in the eastern wing of the building as well. There are offices and stores on the ground floor of the building. More storages are located in the basement. Access to premises is through two entrances from the west and north side. There is an loading platform for the deliveries including lift with 2000kg loading capacity.
First floor is connected to first floor of the premises I.



  • Premises B

In this wing of the building there are premises suitable for manufacturing and storage. The overall area is 1 450 m2.


  • Premises C

It's single-storey building. Central lounge with area 4320m2 and connected halls makes together area of 5429m2. It's suitable for manufacturing and storage. The ceiling height is from 5.6m up to 8m. There are built-in two-storey premises in the central lounge for offices and sanitary facilities. Building has two loading platforms, one on the east and one on the west side, which is very important for logistics. Pedestrian access is from the west side.

Heating is provided by the gas infra-red heaters. Energy consumption is measured by private meters.

There are premises suitable for heavy manufacturing or storage on east side of the unit with area 1 059 m2. This part of the premises has it's own entrance.




  • Premises E

It is detached one-storey building with area 64 m2 suitable for offices. It has gas heating with energy consumption meters.


  • Premises F

The second floor of this two-storey building is suitable for offices. Offices with different area can be grouped and combined according to utilization. The area of the offices is  511 m2. There are dentists surgeries and lab technicians offices in the north part of the building. There is a spacious canteen and kitchen on the ground floor.



  • Premises I

The first floor is suitable for offices, light manufacturing or storage. The access to first floor is through first floor of the Premises A.

Ground floor area is 917 m2. There is a loading platform longwise whole ground floor. These premises can be used for any manufacturing and storage.


  • Premises J

The two-storey building is suitable for offices and other purposes. Each floor is completely independent. They have separate access, toilets, meters for energy and water consumption. Area of each floor is approx 170 až 220 m2.


  • Premises L

One-storey building suitable for production shop, repair shop or storage. Area is 470 m2.


  • Premises O

This wing of the building is suitable for manufacturing and storage. It is accessible longwise to the loading platform, which is accessible for lorries. Good accessibility means good conditions for storage, importing and goods distribution. Area of 1 500 m2 is directly accessible to loading platform.

The loading platform is accessible from the premises between B and O with area approx 1500m2 suitable especially for manufacturing. There is access to service lift, driving between basement and first floor of premises A and I.


  • Premises P

Eight metal sheet covering storages, each approx 70 m2 area are suitable especially for storage of goods and materials. Tarmac road access, big doors and ceiling height are giving  opportunities to store sizeable objects.

They are rented separately and they can be a good supplement to rented offices or manufacturing premises.


  • Premises S

 Detached one-storey building suitable especially for storage or repair shop. Area is 94 m2.


  • Premises T

Sheds suitable for storage. Area 252 m2.


  • Premises U

Five-storey building suitable for manufacturing. Each floor is area approx. 1 495 m2. There is an lounge with area 1 395 m2 with side premises, which can be used for offices or other purposes. Each floor has own gas heating with energy consumption meters and sanitary facilities.

Premises are after the reconstruction of insulation, indoor wall facing and plastic windows.

There is service lift and elevator on east and west side of the building and stairways. Charging and discharging of the goods on he ground floor is protected by the shed. Premises are accessible to lorries.



  • Premises Z, Y

 Premises are divided into rooms with area 6-12 m2. They are suitable for storage. There is an tarmac road access.


  • Premises X

Insulated metal sheet covered shed with area 164 m2 is suitable especially for storage of sizeable goods or manufacturing. There is a tarmac road access sufficient for lorries too.


  • Premises W

Walled building suitable for any purposes. E.g. offices or storage. It's attached to premises X and it has large open concrete spaces, which makes it suitable for storage and sale of the goods. There are toilettes on premises. Area is 42 m2.